Brazil: After Brazil’s Rousseff Ousted, What About Corruption Probe?

Author(s): Adriana Gomez Licon | Date: September 3, 2016 | Language: English
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When Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff was kicked out of power, she became the biggest casualty of a massive corruption probe that is roiling Latin America’s largest country — even though she was never personally implicated in the scheme.
With Rousseff’s permanent departure from the presidency on Wednesday, the big question is: What happens now to the investigation at the state oil company Petrobras?
Many of the lawmakers who voted to remove Rousseff are under investigation themselves in the scandal involving billions of dollars of kickbacks. Rousseff has charged that corrupt lawmakers wanted her out to halt the Petrobras probe.
But if the intention was to sweep everything under the rug, it’s too late, say law professors, corruption experts and political analysts.

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