Australia: Foreign bribery exposed: New anti-corruption team announced in wake of explosive revelations

Author(s): Nick McKenzie, Michael Bachelard | Date: September 5, 2016 | Language: English
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The federal government will hire a new team of specialist anti-corruption investigators in Perth after a series of revelations in Fairfax Media about high-level foreign bribery, including at WA mining company Sundance Resources.
Justice Minister Michael Keenan announced on Monday that a new fraud and anti-corruption team, including investigators, forensic accountants and lawyers, will tackle corporate corruption and would “prioritise foreign bribery investigations”.
Mr Keenan said the new funding would pay for 26 new officers. New teams would also be located in Sydney and Melbourne.
The new unit comes after a series of explosive revelations in Fairfax Media – including the Unaoil scandal – that prompted the federal government to allocate $15 million to the Australian Federal Police to bolster the nation’s capability to respond to serious and complex fraud, foreign bribery, and corruption.

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