Brazil: Brazil’s police seek corruption charges against ex-finance minister

Author(s): UNK | Date: October 25, 2016 | Language: English
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Brazil’s federal police on Monday sought corruption charges against former finance minister and presidential chief of staff Antonio Palocci and accuse him of running a bribery scheme that funneled money to the former-ruling Workers Party’s (PT).
Police said in their investigation sent to federal prosecutors that Palocci conspired with construction firm Odebrecht SA [ODBES.UL] to pay 128 million reais ($41 million) from 2006 to 2013 to the party, politicians and other officials in return for winning bloated contracts from state-run oil company Petrobras.
Police are also seeking corruption charges against former Odebrecht Chief Executive Officer Marcelo Odebrecht and powerful political strategist Joao Santana, the force behind the PT’s presidential campaigns.

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