World: ISO 37001 – The first international anti-bribery management system standard has arrived

Author(s): Elizabeth Gasiorowski-Denis | Date: October 14, 2016 | Language: English
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A new business tool designed to fight bribery is now published. ISO 37001 is the first international anti-bribery management system standard designed to help organizations combat bribery risk in their own operations and throughout their global value chains. It has the potential to reduce corporate risk and costs related to bribery by providing a manageable business framework for preventing, detecting and addressing bribery.
“Bribery is a significant business risk in many countries and sectors,” says Neill Stansbury, Chair of ISO project committee ISO/PC 278 responsible for the new standard. “In many cases, it has been tolerated as a ‘necessary’ part of doing business. However, increasing awareness of the damage caused by bribery to countries, organizations and individuals has resulted in calls for effective action to be taken to prevent bribery.”

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