Australia: Rio Tinto in spotlight as Australia fraud police targets resources industry

Author(s): Sonali Paul | Date: November 18, 2016 | Language: English
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Facing international pressure to get tougher on corruption, Australian authorities say they are targeting the resources industry but have yet to be formally asked to look into a high-profile probe into payments at miner Rio Tinto.
A senior official at the Australian Federal Police said there had been talks with Rio, the world’s second-largest miner, though police had yet to begin an official investigation into emailed details of payments that led to two top executives being fired this week.
“We haven’t had a matter referred to us for investigation,” said Peter Crozier, the AFP’s manager of criminal assets, fraud and anti-corruption.
There is no evidence of illegal activity involving Rio officials nor a consultant to whom payments were made, a banker linked to Guinea’s president. But emails detailing the transactions are a blow to the reputation of a group that has long been vocal in its campaign for transparency.

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