China: Xi Turns Sights on Wayward Senior Leaders in China Graft Fight

Author(s): UNK | Date: November 3, 2016 | Language: English
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New Communist Party disciplinary rules pushed through by Xi Jinping put senior leaders under greater scrutiny, opening another front in a four-year anti-graft campaign that has helped consolidate the president’s power while punishing more than 1 million officials.
The rules detailed by the official Xinhua News Agency late Wednesday put the onus on top officials to set higher standards and called on cadres to report potential violations involving members of the party’s Central Committee. The 25-person Politburo should restrain associates and ask family members to avoid inappropriate business activities, according to the rules.
“A handful of senior party officials, overcome by their political cravings and lust for power, have resorted to political conspiracies by working with ostensible obedience, while forming cliques to pursue selfish interests,” Xi wrote. “Nepotism, buying and selling positions, and election fraud have endured,” he said, adding that power abuse and corruption have spread.

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