Singapore: Ex-BSI bankers set up US$2.3b deal with 1MDB firm, pocketed millions in profit: Witness

Author(s): Vanessa Paige Chelvan | Date: November 2, 2016 | Language: English
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Further details were revealed in court on Wednesday (Nov 2) about the complex web of relationships involving former employees of Swiss bank BSI who allegedly had a hand in the money laundering operation linked to 1MDB, and how the illicit dealings went on at the expense of the bank.
BSI entered into an agreement with fund management company Bridge Partners International Management in 2012, involving US$2.3 billion from 1MDB-owned Brazen Sky.
It was former BSI banker Yak Yew Chee who brokered this deal. He also personally handled the accounts of Malaysian tycoon Jho Low and entities related to 1MDB.

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