South Africa: Zuma Asks Court to Halt South African Graft Ombudsman Report

Author(s): Amogelang Mbatha, Michael Cohen | Date: November 1, 2016 | Language: English
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Lawyers representing South African President Jacob Zuma urged the High Court to halt the release of a report of the nation’s graft ombudsman into allegations that the Gupta family, who are friends with the president, exercised undue influence over the government.
Zuma has argued that he hadn’t been given adequate opportunity to respond to findings made in the Public Protector’s report and question witnesses. His application is opposed by four political parties including the Democratic Alliance and Economic Freedom Fighters.
“There are procedural requirements that had not been followed by the Public Protector,” Anthea Platt, Zuma’s lawyer, told the court in Pretoria, the capital. The court dismissed her argument that opposition parties weren’t entitled to participate in the case.

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