Ukraine: Ukraine appoints 23-year-old to lead anti-corruption office

Author(s): UNK | Date: November 23, 2016 | Language: English
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Ukraine’s justice minister was on the receiving end of hefty criticism on Wednesday following his appointment of a 23-year-old recent law school graduate to lead the government’s anti-corruption office. Minister Pavlo Petrenko insited that he has hired Anna Kalynchuk “on merit” to root out civil servants loyal to ousted President Viktor Yanukovych.
The anti-corruption and nepotism purges were one of the main demands of protests which eventually led to Yanukovych’s ouster in 2014. President Petro Poroshenko has repeatedly pledged to deal with the issue, though little real impact has been made.
Last month, Kalynchuk’s predecessor in the “lustration” (a term used in eastern Europe originally to describe removing former communist sympathizers from office), said he had identified around 1,000 such officials. The office also proclaimed that they had all been removed from their jobs and barred from public service until 2024.

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