Brazil: Brazil’s Federal Senate president removed amid corruption probe

Author(s): Andrew V. Pestano | Date: December 6, 2016 | Language: English
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Brazil’s Supreme Federal Court, or STF, has removed Renan Calheiros from his post as president of the Federal Senate while he faces a corruption trial over child support payments.
Brazilian Justice Minister Marco Aurélio made the decision to remove Calheiros from the post after the court took a preliminary vote to ban politicians who face corruption trials from holding posts in the presidential line of succession.
Calheiros is accused of misappropriating public funds since 2007 to pay for child support for a child he had in an extramarital affair.
“Minister Marco Aurélio of the Supreme Federal Court granted … the removal of Senator Renan Calheiros from the position of president of the Federal Senate,” the STF said in a statement. “In the decision taken on Monday, the minister takes into account the understanding that defendants can not occupy positions that are in the line of succession of the presidency of the republic, a topic under discussion in the Plenary of the Supreme, but which already has a majority formed in that sense.”

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