Canada: Trudeau to be questioned by ethics watchdog over reports of cash for access

Author(s): Ashifa Kassam | Date: December 15, 2016 | Language: English
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Justin Trudeau will be questioned by Canada’s ethics watchdog over reports of political fundraisers that allegedly offered privileged access to the prime minister and his cabinet ministers for a price.
The development marks the first time in a decade that the ethics commissioner has questioned a sitting prime minister and is a turning point for Trudeau who swept to a majority government last year on broad promises to run a transparent administration that would abide by the highest standards of ethics.
The scandal began brewing in October, after a series of media reports documented Liberal party fundraisers being held in the homes of wealthy Canadians and which offered access to members of Trudeau’s government for up to C$1,500 ($1,100) a ticket.

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