Ukraine: E-declaration system marks breakthrough in Ukraine’s anti-corruption efforts

Author(s): Anthony Boadle | Date: November 30, 2016 | Language: English
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The Ukrainian Anti-Corruption Bureau in the coming days is set to make public the first results of the inspection of electronic declarations, which were submitted by senior officials under the e-declaration system.
Under the system that was launched in September as a part of the government’s anti-corruption efforts, Ukrainian public servants, politicians and managers of state enterprises have filed the information about their assets and incomes to a publicly available online database.
The implementation of the e-declaration project is carried out amid high hopes in the society that it may become a major milestone in Ukraine’s fight against corruption, putting the corrupt officials, who attempt to hide their financial wealth, in a difficult position.
If the inspection of electronic declarations finds that the officials either have not filed their declarations or falsely declared their assets, they would face administrative or, in some cases, even criminal responsibility.

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