Philippines: Duterte swears in 200 appointees, warns against corruption

Author(s): Alexis Romero | Date: January 11, 2017 | Language: English
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Stressing his intolerance for corruption, President Duterte on Monday administered the oath of more than 200 appointees to various government posts.
It was the first speech he made after his weeklong hiatus and the President reminded the new officials to work together and render the kind of service Filipinos deserve.
“I promise you, I said, there will be no corruption in my office… As a matter of fact, I discourage people from bringing businessmen in my office,” Duterte said.
“Do not talk to me to avoid issues. But this is our last call… Let’s give it to the people because you have to. It’s your last call to serve your nation and because I am pleading with you. I hope that you can work together, trust each other and give it to the people this time,” he added.

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