Indonesia: Graft busters under protection of ‘superheroes’

Author(s): UNK | Date: April 18, 2017 | Language: English
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Ten people wearing costumes depicting Dead Pool, Batman, Power Rangers, Kamen Rider Black and six other superheroes descended on the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) headquarters on Monday with the mission of assuring the commission of its public support.
The cosplayers acted as guardians of the KPK, which has received a wave of public sympathy following an acid attack on one of the commission’s most senior investigators, handling major cases implicating politicians and entrepreneurs, Novel Baswedan, last week.
They carried placards with messages of support like “Don’t Be Afraid, KPK”, “Beat Back Public Fund Stealers” and “We are ready to Safeguard the KPK”.
Behind the scenes, Indonesia Corruption Watch’s (ICW) Tibiko Zabar, an ICW researcher, said the theatrical demonstration was held to show popular support for the KPK and especially Baswedan who was attacked by unknown assailants as he returned from a mosque in his neighborhood last Tuesday.