Malaysia: Malaysian court acquits 2 1MDB critics of financial sabotage

Author(s): Sumisha Naidu | Date: May 12, 2017 | Language: English
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Two staunch government critics were acquitted on Friday (May 12) of attempting to sabotage Malaysia’s banking and financial services by lodging reports to foreign authorities on state fund 1MDB.
Former UMNO division leader Khairuddin Abu Hassan and his lawyer Matthias Chang were charged in October 2015 for committing the offences at five different locations: France, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Singapore.
The prosecution had on Thursday applied for a discharge not amounting to an acquittal, but the Sessions Court decided to acquit the two men instead.
In 2015, the Wall Street Journal reported that investigators were looking into the alleged flow of some US$700 million into the personal bank account of Malaysian Prime Minister and 1MDB advisor Najib Razak through entities linked to the scandal-ridden fund.