Malta: Transparency International warns: Corruption scandals cast shadow on Malta’s EU presidency’

Author(s): Ivan Martin | Date: May 17, 2017 | Language: English
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Earlier this year, Malta tumbled 10 places in the Transparency International’s corruption index.
Corruption scandals have engulfed the government and are now casting a shadow over the island’s EU presidency, Transparency International has warned.
The compilers of the Corruption Perception Index told the Times of Malta yesterday they were following the political developments in Malta closely.
“We are aware of the situation in Malta. The government has been criticised for not addressing conflicts of interest, particularly public officials’ role in the private sector… a series of corruption scandals that have engulfed Malta’s Labour government in the past year are also casting a shadow over the island’s first presidency of the Council of the EU,” Valentina Rigamonti, the organisation’s Western Europe coordinator said.