The Ethics & Compliance Academy provides four types of training programs: (i) CECP Certification Programme; (ii) stand-alone training programs; (iii) tailored programs; and (iv) excellence programs. All these programs are designed for a global audience, but most of them take place in Europe.

The CECPChartered Ethics & Compliance Professional — Certification Programme is a unique professional track, based on high-level expertise and offering the right KSA (Knowledge-Skills-Attitude) to those interested in pursuing a career in the field of Ethics & Compliance. The core of this programme is the CECP Competency Framework, based on competencies required to perform the Ethics & Compliance function at all levels (management, operational, controlling). All training programs included in this professional track are intensive, involve various types of activities (from face-to-face training to individual study, project-based activities, shadowing, professional coaching), and come with a CPE credits system.

The stand-alone training programs include sessions that are offered to a more general audience, without being attached to a professional track. Some of the training sessions from the CECP Certification Programme are also offered as stand-alone programs. All of them are intensive and their successful completion is marked by training diploma issued by the Ethics & Compliance Academy.

The tailored programs are designed especially for a particular organisation — private or public, for-profit or non-profit — and address specific issues or aim for specific outcomes. These programs are never offered to a general audience and always involve a special request from the client-organisation. All sessions are agreed upon with the client-organisation before deployment, the tailoring including sometimes an in-depth needs assessment.

The excellence programs come in two shapes: (a) executive programs, for top-management of companies, and (b) masterclasses, for a specific professional community. These programs are always offered as open programs, but participants are selected based on a very competitive selection process.

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