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Excellence Programs

These programs have been designed for a select audience and their role is to establish a community of professionals that can play a key role in promoting public policies concerning integrity in organisations, professions and society. All participants have a strong background in their field of specialization and prove a sustained interest in self-advancement.

All programs are set as a mutual learning space and involve a special effort from participants to go through training materials and recommended readings, and explore beyond their comfort zone.

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Ethics & Compliance Management for Public Institutions

Since 1970s, when Ethics Programs were first introduced in U.S. public administration, this field evolved in various directions and developed a wide range of tools, mechanisms, and systems meant to foster integrity in public institutions. Nevertheless, these are quasi-unknown in most European countries. Though this is not an introductory training program, its role is to provide a comprehensive perspective over Ethics & Compliance Management in public institutions and determine a special mindset concerning future developments in this field.

University Ethics Commissions beyond Conformity

Ethics Counseling in Romanian Medical System

Excellence and Ethical Leadership in Public Management