Tailored Programs

Our experts are specialized in Anti-Corruption, Ethics & Compliance, Internal Control, Ethics Audit, and many other areas related to integrity in business, public administration, governmental affairs, and non-profit sector. They are usually involved in consulting services or implementation of organisational projects regarding integrity, lobby for better regulations and policy making on this issue in various fields of activity, research and grassroot actions, international professional and business conferences, including training programs.

We tailor and deliver various types of programs for all organisational levels, from Boards and top-management teams to blue collars/operational units and 3rd-Party entities, according to the particular needs of our client-organisations. We inform professional judgment, raise awareness, debate and challenge questionable practices, simulate complex situations, discuss case studies, help develop an ethical compass and support deep-level internal communication.

We have experience with both private and public organisations experiencing various internal and external challenges: from minor internal conflicts and rogue employees to complex due diligence projects and supply chain audits.

Our projects took us across Europe, including Russian Federation, but we have a global orientation. We pay close attention to regulatory frameworks that span from North-American to South African and Australian jurisdictions. We never advertise the tailored programs we deliver for our clients and we do not use testimonials from them to advertise the services of the Ethics & Compliance Academy.

If you want to benefit from our expertise, we invite you to contact us.