The Ethics & Compliance Academy was established in 2007 as part of a consulting boutique based in Bucharest, Romania. During the economic crisis, 2008-2012, the Academy had two generations of trainees that completed the Chartered Ethics & Compliance Professionals (CECP) Programme (“CECO” or “Certified Ethics & Compliance Officer”, at the time). In 2013, the project was integrated in the core activities of the Centre for Advanced Research in Management and Applied Ethics, an independent non-profit organization that promotes an evidence-based approach to the institutionalization of ethics in business, public administration and governmental entities, in universities and health care institutions etc.

In 2016, the Centre managed to restructure the entire Academy and set up a new framework for its programs. The official launch of the Academy was scheduled for Spring 2017, following the 1st editions of the “Romanian Ethics & Compliance Forum” (February 11, 2016) and the “European Ethics & Compliance Forum” (November 10-11, 2016) and the release of the first issues of the “Ethics & Compliance Magazine“.

The new framework has four types of programs: (1) the core programme comprising all courses leading to the CECP Certification; (2) stand-alone programs, which involve training programs provided independently of any request from the industry; (3) tailored programs for companies interested in particular topics or outcomes; and (4) excellence programs, designed for certain professional communities with the sole aim of advancing the field of internal control, ethics and compliance (cfr. OECD newest terminology).

According to our philosophy, real expertise in the field of Ethics & Compliance cannot be developed in 3, 5, or 30 days. It takes a special combination of training (structured-learning), individual study, project-based activities, professional coaching, participation in professional events and, of course, real work in public or/and private organisations. All these contribute in various degrees at establishing the right KSA (knowledge-skills-atittudes) for real expertise. The Academy supports all these types of activities.