Excellence Programs

These programs are designed for a select audience and their role is to support the advancement of the professional community interested in business and public integrity. All participants have a strong background in their field of specialization and/or they are key players in their professional area.

The excellence programs come in two forms: (a) executive programs, for corporate top-management or public decision-makers, and have a short and intensive format; and (b) masterclasses, for a specific professional audience. In most of these contexts, the keynote speakers or invited lecturers will explore topics that go beyond the comfort zone of their audience, challenging common understandings and theories, debating pros and cons, and exploring alternative views.

Participants go through a very competitive selection process and, in most cases, pay a registration fee. Locations are especially chosen to serve the design of the program: for executive programs, the locations are special retreat centers (in the mountains or other areas with low population density), while for masterclasses, we use conference centers.

Bayer Ethics & Compliance Talks, 2nd Meeting, 2016

2016 Bayer Ethics & Compliance Talks, 2nd meeting (April 7, 2016) – our audience