Frequently Asked Questions

About the Ethics & Compliance Academy (ECA)

Is the Ethics & Compliance Academy an accredited institution?

The Ethics & Compliance Academy is a continuing education and professional training provider that designs, drafts, and advances the professional occupational standard in our field of specialization. We are not part of the formal educational system, so our diplomas and certificates depend entirely on the professional community we serve. From this point of view, ECA is not accredited and does not need accreditation from the Ministry of Education or any other institution to deploy its training programs.

In terms of professional recognition of our diplomas and certificates, we rely on the European Ethics & Compliance Association, the only European professional body that can authorize training providers to offer programs according to the Chartered Ethics & Compliance Professional Certification Framework. Our programs were the first to be offered in Europe, since 2007.

About the ECA Programs

How much time should I spend on study?

Each training program involving “individual study” has also a number of hours allocated for this activity. This number of hours is estimated according to the complexity of the competencies ascribed for the topics covered by this activity and the amount of materials involved in it. According to the allocated number of hours and competencies, you receive a number of CPE credits.

In this context, how much time you really spend on individual study depends entirely on you and your circumstances. But remember that you have deadlines and tests to close the activity.

Tutors cannot assist you with time management issues.

In which language are the programs held?

In general, our programs are designed and offered in the English language. In some particular cases, we can also provide programs in local language (e.g. Romanian, Italian, French etc.). Even so, all participants must meet the minimal requirements concerning language proficiency before registering, i.e., English proficiency, minimum B2 level (cfr. Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)

Registration, Payment, Cancellation Policy

Can I cancel my participation in an ECA program?

All registered candidates are entitled to cancellation of their participation in any of the ECA programs, but the cancellation requests must be made in writing and according to the following rules:
• If cancellation is received more than 20 days prior to the start of the program, ECA will forfeit 15% of the total fees paid by the registrant. This sum counts for bank transfers and administrative activities.
• If cancellation is received less than 20 days prior to the start of the program, ECA will forfeit 85% of the total fees paid by the registrant. This sum counts for all bank transfers, administrative activities, and payments already made by ECA in order to prepare the training.
• If cancellation is received less than 10 days prior to the start of the program, ECA will forfeit 100% of the total fees paid by the registrant.

Can our company substitute one of the participants?

Substitutions for registrants can be made at any time, without any supplementary fee. Still, we kindly suggest to make all the necessary substitutions no later than 5 days prior to the ECA program in order to leave us some time to prepare the individual trainee pack.

May I pay the registration fees in instalments?

• If you are an individual who wants to take part in our programs, you are required to pay 50% of the total fees on registration. The rest may be paid in 2 further instalments agreed between you and the ECA FrontDesk Officer.
• If you are the representative of a company, a public institution or an NGO, your organisation is required to pay 100% of the total fees on registration.

Reservations are not accepted in any circumstance.

Diploma and Certification

What is the difference between training diploma and certification?

A training diploma is a document issued by the ECA/CARMAE that documents the successful completion of a training program.

A training certificate, as in CECP Certificate, is the formal acknowledgment that an individual has met the requirements of the CECP Council and is thus authorized to perform the role of a Chartered Ethics & Compliance Professional. In order to obtain the training certificate, an individual must participate in several training programs, obtain a specific number of CPE credits and pass an exam.

Can my CECP certification be suspended or revoked?

Yes! The CECP certification can be suspended or revoked by the CECP Council on several grounds mentioned in the CECP Certification Framework.

Is the CECP certification public record?

Yes! Anyone may request information regarding your certification.

Where can I verify if someone is really CECP certificated?

The CECP Council, working under the auspices of the European Ethics & Compliance Association, has the obligation to maintain an online registry of all the CECP certified individuals. This registry is schedule to be made public in mid-2018.