Regulatory Compliance 360°

In the last five years, the increasing pressure from various regulators and the large variety of sanctions affecting the business sector transformed the regulatory conformity into a dominant specialization of the field of (Ethics &) Compliance. This is why it has become the main preoccupation of the vast majority of medium-sized and large companies and the core concept in various professional associations worldwide; or why it has gained a lot of adherence in most European judicial and business environments.

The present training program goes beyond the common understanding of the regulatory compliance and equips the trainee with the necessary competencies to deal with complex issues that affect business organisations. Its main aim is to help the trainees develop the knowledge and skills to identify new regulatory constraints, to monitor and evaluate regulatory changes and advise on how to secure the company from regulatory risks or vulnerabilities associated with regulations applied to 3rd-parties.

Regulatory Compliance 360° is being offered both as a stand-alone program and as part of the “Chartered Ethics & Compliance Professional” Certification Programme (11 CPE credits). It is an intensive program and requires 4 days (24h) of face-to-face training, 18h of individual study, and 36h of project-based activity.

Our Trainers
Cristian Ducu

Cristian DUCU, PhD, Senior Ethics & Compliance Consultant (Centre for Advanced Research in Management and Applied Ethics)

Mihai G. Popa

Mihai G. POPA, Country Head of Law, Patents and Compliance (Bayer, Country Group Romania/Bulgaria/Moldova)


* Course ID: ECA17#107
* Certif. Code: CECP#107
* Availability: Central & Eastern Europe
* Program Type:  Open Session
* Credits: 11 CPEs
* Activity: 1. Face-to-Face Intensive Training; 2. Individual Study; 3. Project-based Activity
* Duration: 1. 4 days / 24 hours; 2. 18 hours; 3. 36 hours
* Certification: Compulsory / Core I / CECP Competency Framework
* Level: Professional Initial Stage


In order to protect our copyright regarding the training design and content, we are filtering the information we provide online. If you are interested in participating in this training, you may request the training details in a more compact format by using the form below. You will receive the training details via e-mail, as a PDF file. We kindly request not to post it anywhere on the web.

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* Atendees Min./Max. No: 10/16 participants.
* Audience Type: Open Session.
* Who Can Participate: The training program is open to anyone interested in understanding what is and how works regulatory compliance in a corporate environment, but most important it is open to anyone aspiring to become a Chartered Ethics & Compliance Professional.


* Educational Level: Minimum requirement: a bachelor’s degree (BA). It is not required to hold a BA in Law, but basic knowledge in Legal Studies is highly desirable.
* Language Proficiency: English, minimum B2 (cfr. Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).
* Professional Experience: Minimum 3 years of work experience in a public or private organization. Experience in entrepreneurship or not-for-profit organizations is irrelevant.


• All participants will receive a training diploma including general information about the trainee and the training program (training series, credits, hours, training location, trainer, and main competencies).
• This training program is part of the CECP Certification Programme, Core I. Those interested to become Chartered Ethics & Compliance Professionals, will have the CPE credits allocated for this program written in their training portfolio.


* Availability: None.
* Range: N/A.


* This training program is regularly provided in English.
* Romanian version is also available, but only for those sessions taking place in Romania and upon request.


This programs is offered 3 or 4 times a year, in various locations across Europe. To find out more about the forthcoming sessions, we recommend you to look at the base of this page, where we have the list of all sessions.


• We urge any prospective participant to take into consideration that there is a limited number of seats available. The maximum number of participants is 16. When the maximum number of trainees is reached, the registration process for the current series will be closed; any other prospective participant will be registered for the next series.
• The training registration fee includes: (a) 4 days of face-to-face training, printed/electronic training materials, demo for various solutions, as well as the training location and catering; (b) training materials for the individual-study and project-based activity, with access to the online platform; (c) the administration of the final test and the project evaluation; one issue of the Ethics & Compliance Magazine™; (d) training diploma.
• Access to this training is granted only to those that registered via our online form and paid the participation fee prior to the event. There is only one generic fee; no group, academic or other alternative discounts are available.
The June 2017 session is offered at 60% discount off the regular fee.
Regular Fee: 2489 Euro
Special Offer June 2017: 995 Euro


* All prospective participants need to register via the following on-line form. The form can be used for individual as well as corporate registration. If you intend to register more than one person, you need to fill in the form for each person. If you do not receive a confirmation message regarding registration, then contact us via email:


* All participants have the moral and legal obligation to observe all copyright rules during and after the completion of the training program. This means that trainees should not share the training materials and their notes with third parties under no circumstance.

* If the minimum number of participants is not met by the time the registration process is closed, the training session will be postponed for a latter date and the registered participants informed about this change.

1st Session 17S01 2017 / June 10-11, 17-18 Tba Bucharest Romania CORE CECP#107
2nd Session 17S02 2017 / October Tba Cluj-Napoca Romania CORE CECP#107